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Clarence Darrow Commemorative Committee Mission Statement

The annual bridge ceremony

The core mission of the Clarence Darrow Commemorative Committee is to honor and commemorate the life, the work, the achievements, the tradition, the values, and the philosophy of famed Chicago lawyer Clarence Seward Darrow (1857 ‑ 1938).  Particular emphasis is placed upon Mr. Darrow’s devotion to the American ideal of the universal application of the rule of law for the protection of all persons and causes, no matter how unpopular.

To Honor: The Committee seeks to respect and preserve Mr. Darrow’s memory and achievements.  The major focus of this effort is centered on a now traditional wreath‑laying ceremony conducted annually on March 13, the anniversary of Mr. Darrow’s death, at the Clarence Darrow Bridge in Chicago’s Jackson Park, the site where his ashes were strewn.

To Educate: The Committee seeks to educate the public regarding Mr. Darrow’s life, career, achievements, and values through lectures and other media, primarily in conjunction with the annual wreath‑laying ceremony.

To Nurture: The Committee seeks to cultivate and enhance the enduring values and principles which Mr. Darrow held dear by sponsoring lectures and debates in which those timeless ideals are deliberated and applied to current events and problems.

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